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    Value Bracelet
    Pure Silver - 100g
    .999 / 24K

Valuable jewelry - Silver

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Official hallmarks and certificates

General informations

Lingot Swiss specializes in the manufacture of valuable jewelry.


What is valuable jewelry?

Valuable jewelry appeared very early in the history of mankind.

Its particularity is that it is composed only of gold or fine silver (.999), that is to say with a composition of 99.99% of precious material. Unlike modern jewelry, which is made of 18-carat gold (75% gold) or 925 silver (92% silver), it does not require any alloying metal in its composition.


It has been designed to fulfill two main functions:

- First store and transport value in a form other than coins or bullion
- Then be able to be used as an ornament, on women as on men.

Many specialists consider it a crisis jewel.

Indeed, it is easily resold if necessary, its quality is easily auditable (hallmarks + certificate), it is easily divisible while being discreet and practical.

Although their use became less and less common during the 19th century with industrialization, they experienced a renewed interest on the part of the public in the 20s and 30s. Thus they reappeared massively in Germany during the period of hyperinflation and especially in the USA during the Great Depression.

We decided to take up the concept and offer two types of value bracelets.

These Jewels are composed only of precious materials without alloys (99.99% Gold - 24 carats and 99.99% pure Silver). They are hallmarked by the precious metals office of the canton of Geneva. We deliver them with a material certificate guaranteeing the quality and weight of the object.

We also offer our customers a custom manufacturing service.

If you have a specific project or need, don't hesitate to contact us

Hallmarks / certifications

Several hallmarks are present on our jewelry.

They guarantee the quality of our products


- The title punch:

It is a punch that is used to indicate the quality of the precious material. It is measured to the thousandth / 1000.

For jewelry made in Switzerland, the chemical symbol of the material is indicated before the purity index to the thousandth

This hallmark is very important, especially to prove the quality of the precious metal during resale. We apply this punch 5 times on each bracelet


So we use two types of punch, one for gold and one for silver

For 24 carat gold: Au999 (composition 99.9% gold)

For pure silver: Ag999 (composition 99.9% gold)


- The maker's mark:

It is the signature of the jeweler. It is specific to each manufacturer and incurs its responsibility. It can be made up of geometric shapes, numbers or symbols. Each master's mark created on Swiss territory is registered with the metal office.


Lingot Swiss has a maker's mark. It is made up of two letters "L" and "S" as well as a trapezoid.

As for the title punch, we apply this punch 5 times on each bracelet


- The certification hallmark:

The certification hallmark is also called the "guarantee hallmark". It is an official hallmark affixed by the office of metals and which certifies the quality of the material. He confirms that he has analyzed the material and that it conforms to the indication of the title stamp affixed to him by the jewelry manufacturer. It is affixed only once on each bracelet.


This hallmark is represented in Switzerland by a head of St. Bernard.


Weight: 100g

Possible subdivision: 10 x 10g


Length: 240mm

Diameter: D4mmm


Pure silver: .999


Hallmarks per bracelet

Title punch ag999: x5

Master punch: x5

Official hallmark: x1

  • Bracelet en argent
  • Bracelet en argent