• Your jewelry has finally
    a true value
    As has been the case for centuries, Lingot Swiss offers
    jewelry that keeps and transports value.
    Valuable jewelry
  • Gold and Silver bracelets
    An unique value proposition
    The jewelry is created from very demanding criteria and commitments.
    These guarantees contribute to the value of our products
    Swiss investment jewelry

The company Bijoux Swiss is a Swiss company ,
specialized in the manufacture of jewelry of value
100% precious materials, calibrated (50g / 100g) and certified.

  • Gold
  • Silver
Bijoux Swiss
precious metal working specialist
Our commitment
  • Guaranteed weight

    Each piece of jewelry is calibrated with a specific weight (100g, 200g, etc.).
    The weight is indicated several times on each piece, by punching.

    Guaranteed weight
  • Pure Gold and Silver

    Unlike classic jewelry, valuable jewelry is made of pure precious materials close to 100%.
    These jewelry in pure gold 24 carats and solid silver 999.

  • A fixed premium for the sale

    Bijoux Swiss guarantees a fixed premium for the manufacture of its jewelry.
    This premium includes the costs of manufacturing, punching and certification. It is fixed for each model of jewelry and adds to the costs of the material.

  • Certified and hallmarked jewelry

    Each piece of jewelery is hallmarked with at least three hallmarks: the title hallmark guaranteeing the quality of the material, the master hallmark enabling the manufacturer to be authenticated and the inspection hallmark issued by the Swiss authorities.

  • Swiss made

    The jewelry is made in Geneva, Switzerland. All manufacturing operations are carried out in-house in our workshops, ensuring cost control and optimal quality.

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